Covington Animal Rescue Effort

Where are we?

We do not have a facility.  We are a rescue group with dogs that are rescued from the Covington City Pound, vetted and then placed in foster homes.  All adoptions are by filling out an application and then we can set up a meet and greet or you can come to one of our many adoption events.  We set up meet and greets after an application.  An application doesn't lock you or CARE into an adoption but puts you in line for a potential adoption.   CARE is not the county shelter or city pound but an independent rescue group.

1-901 475 1908

This is a designated land line. All calls will be answered within 48 to 72  hours.  This is not an emergency line and we are NOT the city pound or county shelter.  We do not come and collect dogs please do not contact us to do so.