Covington Animal Rescue Effort

2024 Happy Tails!

The Extra Mile

CARE goes the extra mile for all our rescued fur babies.  The adoption fee is the same across the board.  So, even if a dog has injuries, illnesses, broken bones, skin conditions that all must be treated before adoption, the adoption fee stays the same for ALL dogs.  We are thankful to those that donate and support our fund raisers!

Happy Tails

CARE is fully volunteer members.  From foster to The Core Board, we are all volunteers for the reason you see in the picture above.  For the Happy Tails!  There is nothing more joyful than seeing a rescued pound dog not only get to be loved but to give love to the adopter. 

CARE Founded

Sarah Sullivan was the founder of CARE and made sure that the city of Covington pound dogs had a rescue that would never give up on them.  CARE began with just one person's dream to give the Covington City Dogs a way to a new life!

As of Sept 18, 2023 the city pound is now closed. CARE will be revamping our focus as we continue rescue in Tipton county, TN

Our Fur Baby Trail Blazing