C.A.R.E. is made up of a group of volunteers in and around Covington, TN, who are taking time out of our busy lives to make a difference to some needy animals. It all began in March of 2009 when Sarah discovered a municipal pound that was in desperate need of volunteer help. This pound can not facilitate adopting dogs to the public because of lack of man power, and because of liability issues surrounding its’ location. Dogs within city limits are picked up, taken to this pound, and if are not claimed, are “put down”. These dogs have had no opportunity to find a permanent, loving family. Sarah started going back week after week, and seeing wonderful, adoptable dogs that were dying because no one was stepping in to help. Sarah started having meetings with city officials, and since have been allowed to rescue the dogs and place them in loving foster homes.
     In six short weeks Sarah rescued and found loving homes for 16 dogs that were headed towards death. She has also found an incredible group of people that want to help the animals in our community. We are 501c3 certified. We started this organization with a common goal in mind....to rescue these dogs from the Covington pound, provide quality medical care and neuter/spay through the help of fundraising, and to find these animals the wonderful homes they deserve.  
    We have now saved over 1400 dogs in  10 years that would have never had a chance without the volunteers from C.A.R.E. and you for adopting these precious dogs.  Thank you!
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